Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Christmas Carol Service Flashmob 2009

This Flashmob took place on the evening of December the 19th 2009. We thought it would be jolly nice to let our fearless leaders know how much we appreciated the gifts they had bestowed upon us over the last few years. In true Christmas spirit (far removed from the capitalist consumer-fest that Christmas has now become) we rounded up the good citizens and freemen of Nottingham and descended upon the city centre to shake the shoppers from their consumer coma.


The Idiots:

Ste & Scruffy Dave

The choir:
Sophie Johnson-Hill
Miles Clark
Adam Clarkson
Aurelie Guinard
Maritia Robinson
Nina Smith
Jay Thomas

The lyrics:
David 'Scruffy Dave' Eckersley

The director:
Tim Smith

The film crew:
Jack Curtis
Simon Davenport
Ali McElhoney
Tim Smith
Chris Wilkinson

The editor:
Tim Smith

The delegates:
Emily Birrell
Mikey Cottle
Tommy Farmyard
Pete Finch
Marc Leyland
Charlie Raw
Dan Senior
Luke Skillington
The freeman on the land known as Michael
The freeman on the land known as Remi
Justin Turford

The extras:
All of you lovely people that came out to sing.
let’s make next year even better!
Thank you!

The Optical Mechanic - otherwise known as Jim.

Special thanks:
A massive thank you to Tim Smith for his marathon 12 hour editing session the day before Christmas eve. You saved the day brother! Cheers.
Charlie and Danny (everything is ok)
Jon Gillie
St Peter’s church
James Rhodes
Chris Wilkinson